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Leading Provider of Employee Background Screening and Substance Abuse Testing

Leading Provider of Employee Background Screening and Substance Abuse Testing

Industry Solutions

Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Industry’s Specific Needs


We offer comprehensive services that deliver the insights you need to minimize risk and make better hiring decisions. Everything we do is performed with accuracy, efficiency and integrity.

Background Screening

A wide range of background screening solutions to fit your organization’s specific needs

Drug Screening

Drug testing & clinical services seamlessly integrated with background screening results

Driver Qualification

State-of-the-art electronic, proprietary solution to easily manage DOT requirements

Occupational Health Services

Alcohol testing services, physical examinations and other medical services are available

Form Automation

NoMoreForms™ allows automation of document processing

ATS Integrations

Ability to integrate with various Applicant Tracking Systems

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a single-source provider.
  • We offer solutions designed for specific industries.
  • We are built for speed and never compromise accuracy.
  • We help clients save time with paperless workflow automation.
  • We bring the latest proprietary technologies and software integrations to the table.

Join Our Team

Join one of the most diverse and talented teams in the industry and watch your career take flight. aINSIGHT is a modern and US-based background screening organization performing criminal background checks and drug screening services with accuracy, efficiency, and integrity.

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